Mad Skydiving Video Free Falling over Norfolk

January 19th, 2012

This video is crazy showing someone jumping out of a plane with blue parachute and yellow jump suit over East Anglia. All the way down whilst FREE FALLING he comments on the Norfolk area and Great Yarmouth holiday destinations. This is one Mad Crazy Skydiving type of viral video and Great Fun to watch.
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UK Holidays Promoted via Video Clips

January 19th, 2012

With the season that usually brings the highest holiday bookings upon us holiday providers are advertising like crazy. Here is a video testimonial that brings a new twist to the advertising arena. Described as a Day Dream sketch this cute video with a young lady daydreaming about her holiday is a novel idea.
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Live Gold Fix Price Market News

December 13th, 2011

U.S. economic data due for release Tuesday includes the NFIB business optimism index, the weekly Goldman Sachs and Johnson Redbook retail sales reports, retail sales, manufacturing and trade inventories, the IBD/TIPP economic optimism index, and the FOMC meeting and Fed statement following it.

The London A.M. Gold Price Chart fixing was $1,665.00 versus the previous P.M. fixing of $1,659.50.

Technically, February gold futures bulls have faded badly recently and near-term chart damage has been inflicted as key chart support levels were breached Monday. A 10-week-old uptrend on the daily bar chart was also negated Monday. Now, gold prices are in a four-week-old downtrend on the daily bar chart.
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Gold Market Prices Today

December 13th, 2011

Comex February gold futures prices are trading near unchanged in early U.S. dealings Tuesday. The market is trying to stabilize following recent strong selling pressure that saw prices hit a fresh seven-week low overnight. Fresh near-term technical damage has been inflicted in gold with Mondays sharp losses. February gold last traded up $1.00 at $1,669.20 an ounce. Spot gold charts last traded down $0.20 an ounce at $1,665.75. March Comex silver last traded up $0.378 at $31.38 an ounce.

Gold market traders are doing a bit of nibbling and bargain hunting after the recent selling pressure. Some fresh physical demand from India has also been reported Tuesday, following the recent dip in prices.

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Bulgarian Experience!

August 17th, 2010

If you are considering booking your holidays you may have thought about Bulgaria. Bulgaria has two main tourist resorts, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. These areas are highly built-up and targetted towards the tourist trade from the rest of Europe mainly.

From our experience on a fact finding visit to Golden Sands it seems most popular with German tourists, rather than visitors from the UK. Especially the particular hotel we stayed in, the Edelweiss Hotel which seemed predominantly to be visited by Germans. As expected the staff at the hotel Edelweiss were mainly Bulgarian with little grasp of English language (maybe they were better at other European languages to suit the majority of the visitors to the hotel). Before travelling we had heard some negative comments regarding the cleanliness of hotels in Bulgaria and the general service. But the Hotel Edelweiss had suitable rooms that were visited regularly during our stay by the maids on duty and towels replaced, beds made etc. as you would expect.

In general the area of Golden Sands is aimed at the tourist with many bars, restaurants, gift shop kiosks etc. along the main stretch by the beach front. Bulgarian Holidays outside of the main resort areas of Golden Sands or Sunny Beach may not be advisable as the entrance to the Golden Sands resort has a constant armed police presence checking cars as they enter the area. The purpose of this is not entirely clear (whether they are stopping people getting in or just there for security reasons). But do not let this put you off, as the general feel of the resort areas is safe and there is definately a fun holiday atmosphere in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.

Multi Player Role Playing Games RPG’s

February 23rd, 2009

To many online gamers multi-layer RPG’s are the ultimate realistic video games. The RPG or Role Playing Game is usually based around some kind of adventure quest that the player embarks on. With multi-player online RPG’s your character(s) could be playing the game simutaneously with many other players situated anywhere in the world. Online games that offer the player the opportunity to play in real time against actual live opponents bring a new dimension to the video game that just wasn’t available with old console type video games. The fact that the player is actually interacting with another person rather than just a piece of program code and a computer makes it all that little bit more exciting. As well as the added realism that multi-player RPG’s bring to the gaming table you also get the chance to meet and converse with many different like minded people from around the globe. The friends you meet whilst playing multi-player video games over the internet are usually people that you would not have come across in your ordinary life. After all, your new multi-player role playing game friends could be situated right on the other side of the world from you!

Natural Weight Loss with Acai Berries

February 23rd, 2009

A highly revered new weight loss dieting product is based on the natural fruit, the Acai berry. As well as its use in weight loss products (due to its appetite suppressant effects) this natural fruit has many other health uses that are widely known. Various forms of Acai berry are available on the market for use within your weight loss programme from Acai berry juice through to Acai extract pills and capsules. The basic principal of using Acai products for weight loss is to incorporate a sufficient amount of Acai into your diet to invoke the appetite suppressant properties of the Acai fruit on the body. By combining the appetite suppressant Acai with a normal healthy well balanced diet you should begin to lose weight rapidly and above all naturally and safely.

Purchasing Acai products is not a problem and some quality suppliers on the internet even offer a free trial on Acai berry products. This shows the confidence the Acai distributors put in their Acai berry weight loss supplements and products, and offers a risk free way to try the product. So begin losing weight safely and buy Acai berry products to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle to help you lose your excess weight. As well as the widely documented weight loss properties of the Acai berry you should also benefit from a general improved sense of well being and health.

Taking a look at the latest mobile phones.

April 7th, 2008

So there are a load of different mobile phone contracts available in the UK at the present time and there are many complicated issues that the consumer faces when they make their final decision. Do you go for 12 or 18 month deals? This will ultimately depend on your love for technology. If you want to get your Nokia N96 for free then you will probably need to go for an 18 month contract deal. Of course if you want a cheaper mobile phone contract then you might be better going for a handset that you can get on a 12 month deal. There are a number of handsets available that are cheaper and indeed you can get some great Sony Ericsson G900 deals on shorter duration contracts in the UK. If you are really interested in taking out a new mobile phone deal, then really shop about and explore every angle.

Renting DVDs by Mail

October 19th, 2007

Gone are the days when you had to traipse down to the video store to rent a dvd or video to watch that had to be returned the next day. The latest method of renting dvds is via the internet with them being delivered by post. Without any of the late fees and with an unlimited choice of film titles and computer games rentals by post is the future of dvd rental. These rental firms offer dvd rental on a membership fee structure. You pay a membership fee monthly and can usually rent unlimited dvds and computer games through the post for the membership fee. With most of these dvd rental clubs you can choose your dvd title via their website service. This means easy searching for the title you require using the online dvd search function. The choice of dvds available is much greater than that physically held in a small local video rental store. Most online sites that allow you to rent dvds by post also have sections of their website where they will highlight popular films, the latest releases and box office hits. Many also allow their club members to leave reviews and comments on the dvds they have rented from the firm on the website for all to see. This gives genuine user feedback on the films and can be used when making your decision regarding which title to rent. Some of the larger rental companies also have sample movie clips posted on their websites to allow you a glimpse of what to expect from your movie before it arrives on your doorstep.

Why People have Tattoos

October 2nd, 2007

In today’s gild a aggregation of grouping run to misjudge tattoos. A aggregation of grouping who wager someone with a aggregation of tattoos module automatically conceive perverse thoughts. Those who hit tattoo designs are meet same anyone added – eliminate for the fact that they desire to defence discover and programme who they are, exclusive because they hit a brawny significance of who they are. Those with tattoos aren’t afeard to exhibit them, as they locate them on their body to permit others undergo who they are and what they are about.
Most who end to countenance into the science of those with tattoos seem to assort them as criminals and think them same they are ordinary rats in the cage. Contrary to this instrument that whatever experts have, those who hit tattoos aren’t in whatever identify of cage. Instead, they are discover there expressing their freedom. Whether they are feat by what they believe, display that they belong to a destined assemble or clan, or stipendiary respect to the affectionately departed – there are ever meanings behindhand tattoos.
The linguist who studies those with tattoos module ordinarily essay to intend into their inclose of mind, which is hard to do. For hundreds of years tattoos hit ever been a discourse from a psychological standpoint, with most grouping associating tattoos in the time with criminals. Even though criminals haw hit tattoos, there are meet as whatever if not more grouping discover there who are whatever of the friendliest grouping in the concern who hit them as well.
To countenance at tattoo photos from a psychological standpoint haw sometimes be hypocritical. Although those who don’t hit tattoos module essay and amount discover ground someone would poverty them, it haw ease be thoughtful a psychological saucer of view. Those who hit tattoos had a think for effort them, or they wouldn’t hit got them in the prototypal place.
No concern where you countenance these life it’s a ordinary abstract to wager someone with at small digit tattoo. This doesn’t stingy that gild is lessening in whatever way, nor does it stingy that mankind is decent a clump of clones mass after digit leader. Tattoos hit shapely there possess estimation over the years, gaining in popularity. Over the eld more and more grouping hit definite to intend them – which exclusive goes to exhibit the phenomenon that is tattoos.
When you end to countenance at the science of tattoos, you staleness prototypal see whatever of the meanings. A tattoo haw verify you a aggregation most the individualist and his past. Although whatever tattoos haw be a taste frightening, that individualist haw hit got the tattoos in his time and invoke discover to be null same that now. Like others discover there – the tattoos that were obtained in the time haw be mitt as a reminder for the future.

Compare Mobile Phone Deals

September 28th, 2007

Do you want to compare mobile phone deals? If you do then why not check out ? They are a mobile phone comparison website that check over 12,000 deals on a daily basis. The phones of particular interest at the moment are the Sony Ericsson K850i on contract and Sony Ericsson W960i deals. Both mobile phones incorporate leading mobile phone technology, providing the user with a high end experience. Visit Best Mobile Contracts today and signup for alerts for the latest mobile phones.

Ibiza Balearic Isle Clubs

August 22nd, 2007

With over 30 years of clubbing history Pacha has become one of the most popular clubs on Ibiza and has now spread all over the world. Pacha is open all year on Ibiza and located next to Ibiza town. Therefore is popular with island dwellers as well as the thousands of clubbers that visit the island during the holiday season. With many different rooms to choose from and a large terrace Pacha offers all types and genres of music from house to r and b to trance.

Another popular club is Amnesia whcih is an open air style club and captures the essence of clubbing in Ibiza. An amazing experience is Read the rest of this entry »